PIMEX videos have been developed to illustrate the effectiveness of the NEPSI good practices (see chapter Good Practice Guide) in the reduction of occupational exposure to dust.

PIMEX (PIcture Mix Exposure) is a video exposure monitoring method used in occupational hygiene practice. It is based on mixing pictures from a video camera filming a worker performing its task with a simultaneous measurement of the worker's exposure to dust, comparing whether the task is performed according to the NEPSI recommended practice versus any other practice not reducing exposure to dust. The main idea of the method is to make invisible hazards in the work environment visible and in this manner facilitate their reduction.

PIMEX videos are an excellent visual tool which can be used in the following situations:

  • Training workers;
  • Visualisation of a good practice method;
  • Raising awareness and motivate managers to use safe working procedures or to take measures;


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